2021gada 01. aprīlis – 31. decembris

Projekta nosaukums: “Practical implementation of the COMPLETE project outputs and tools” (COMPLETE PLUS)

Estonia - Latvia programme, project Integrated Nitrogen Management System for the Gulf of Riga (GURINIMAS), implementation time 2017-2019, more information - www.envir.ee/en/news-goals-activities/protection-marine-environment/gurinimas
Project “Pharmaceuticals in wastewaters – levels, impacts and reduction”
(LLI – 527)
Acronyme: MEDWwater
Project aims to increase the efficiency of pharmaceutical substances pollution management and to increase cooperation between governmental institutions and wastewater treatment plant operators.

BONUS programme "Blue Baltic 2017-2020", project Baltic Sea maritime spatial planning for sustainable ecosystem services (BASMATI), implementation time 2017-2020, more information - www.bonusportal.org/projects/blue_baltic_2017-2020/basmati
ERA-NET RUS Plus programme, project Environmental impact of geosynthetics in aquatic systems (EI-GEO), implementation time 2018-2020, more information - http://ei-geo.com
Baltic Sea Region transnational cooperation programme 2014-2020, platform project C003 Blue Platform - Advancing Blue Bioeconomy Capacities in the Baltic Sea Region (Blue Platform), implementation time 2018-2021, more information - www.submariner-network.eu/projects/blue-platform
EU framework programme "Horizon 2020", subprogramme "Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities", project SeaDataCloud - Further developing the pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management (SeaDataCloud), implementation time 2016-2020, more information -  www.seadatanet.org/About-us/SeaDataCloud
Baltic Sea Region transnational cooperation programme 2014-2020, project Growing Algae Sustainably in the Baltic Sea (GRASS), implementation time 2018-2021, more information - www.balticgrass.eu



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